Ian Steverson Crichton                     

Born: 3. august 1956







Ghettos By Design 1997

1. Push                                      
2. Architects of Lies
3. Crimson Tide
4. Ghettos By Design
5. Criminals of the Century
6. Dangerous times
7. Revelations
8. Procrastinator
9. Innocence of Seasons
10. Cool Vibrations
11. Vision of Wonder


Guitars: Ian Crichton                              
Vocals: AC
Drums: John Bouvette
Bass: Rob Turi
Drums on "Vision Of Wonder" Atilla Turi


H3O+/Ian Crichton band:
Welcome to the boom boom room 1995

1. Harmony                                                        
2. Touch' N Go
3. Toy Town
4. Change
5. Tuesday
6. In Your Hands
7. This Time
8. Shades of Blue
9. To the Edge
10. Do It
11. Mr. Skin
12. Pumpkin Patch
13. Trust Your Heart


Guitars: Ian Crichton
Vocals: Paul Macausland
Drums: Paul Delong
Bass: Pat Kilbride
Guitar on "Trust your heart" Steve Negus

Night of the Guitars III
Dave Sharman, Jan Akkerman,
Danny Sarekovic, Ian Crichton
(Guitar- Ghost Track) - Trust