PULS 10/5-2006

Rockefeller, Oslo
(Oslo/PULS): Canadian Saga will soon be hitting their
30 years as a band and
for the last years they have nearly been walking
in and out of Rockefeller after having
more or less ignored us in the 90’s.
With "Trust" on the menu this band is to be trusted so to speak.

They have been touring for a month now and
that could be heard at Rockefeller.
Saga played very tidy with a set list very smartly put together
to have a really nice and smooth show.
Sagas lead vocalist Michael Sadler is the main attraction
on stage with his sympathetic and communicating way.

They definably have their hits and the public’s favourites to choose from,
and at Rockefeller we got to hear almost all of them.
Last time Saga visited Oslo they played all of World's Apart,
but this time they focused more on the new material and
the balance between nostalgic and the new material was thoroughly considered.

Trust follows the very acceptable Network from two years back,
and where Saga earlier have held back on their new material
they now played five tracks from Trust and the two best ones from Network.
They started with the title-song from the new album and then
"That's As Far As I'll Go", followed closely by the great Network
songs "On The Air" and "Keep It Real".
The three last visits to Oslo have resulted in as many drummers.
The original drummer, Steve Negus, left the band after Marathon in 2003
and Christian Simpson played on Sagas Network visit the fall of 2004.
This time we saw a new face - Brian Doerner.
Like Simpson he also uses “real” drums and not
"synth-drums" like Steve Negus used for ages.

In other words it was just the kind of energy and boost
that you would expect to keep up a two hour long concert.
With good old songs such as "The Flyer" and "You're Not Alone"
it caused the audience to sing along impressively,
and along came some surprises, with Heads Or Tails
almost forgotten treasure "Cat Walk",
the great Behaviour-ballad "You And The Night" and
"The Perfectionist" from Sagas début album from 1978.

A lot for everyone, both for the ones with only
the good old hits in their collection,
but also for the ones who have been supportive and
have bought House Of Cards, Network and the latest Trust.
With the impressive Michael Sadler on vocal and Ian Crichton
with his as impressive gitarplaying,
Saga is still as interesting as they were with In Transit
which is the great live album everyone still talks about.
The greater part of the audience is fortunally still aware of this.

Saga played this at Rockefeller:
That's As Far As I'll Go
Wind Him Up
On The Air
Keep It Real
A Brief Case (Drum solo)
The Flyer
Cat Walk
It's Your Life
I'm O.K.
The Runaway
You're Not Alone
Careful Where You Step
You And The Night
Scratching The Surface
On The Loose
Don't Be Late

On The Other Side
Humble Stance
The Perfectionist

Odd Inge Rand (Translation done by the very famous ab )

Impressed us again!
Photo: Odd Inge Rand.

His gitarplaying was great as always.
Photo: Odd Inge Rand

Saga’s new drummer.
Photo: Odd Inge Rand.